Your kitchen is probably where family and friends gather the most when visiting you. Heighten this experience each time by employing smart home technology and automation to enable you to customize the ambiance of this important space individually for meal preparation, cleaning up, showing visitors a good time, doing school work, or simply reading.

Visualize touching a button or using an “Alexa” voice command and your favorite music playlist comes on smoothly and clearly, shades rise to allow sunlight to pour in, and countertops brighten invitingly.

Keep your kids in discreet view from a touch screen and use the intercom from the same screen to tell them that dinner is ready instead of having to text them or call out. The same device allows you to see who’s there when the doorbell rings and interact with them from a place of ease, safety and comfort.

Enjoy the design and décor of your kitchen – your gorgeous cabinets, countertops, lighting, and appliances — without being aware of wires, speakers, or a TV.

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