A dedicated home theater from Smooth Automation is exactly designed & engineered to provide you with maximum movie and music enjoyment.  Customized room acoustic treatments sound-proof the room, eliminating any outside noise.  Specially placed speakers heighten your family’s audio experience.

We professionally position luxurious cinema seating to allow for maximal pleasure while watching your favorite videos on an outrageously huge screen.

The best thing: You are in absolute control of all the elements in the room using a simple, easy-to-use touch-screen, including room lighting to deliver the finest in screen viewability from a high-definition, expertly tuned projector.

We work effectively with other builders or with our contractors to guarantee a seamless design, build, and installation experience. Regardless of whether we are working in alignment with a new home build or complementing a complete remodeling project, Smooth’s team of technical experts and installers provide turn-key installations that will blow you away every time the lights go down and your cinematic experience begins.

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*Ulitmate Home Theater System  *Lighting Control  *Motorized Shades  *Optimized Acoustics & Audio