Consider using Smooth Automation to rig the proper temperature and lighting, and preferred music to your schedule. Then picture yourself walking into your work space pumped for the work day ahead of you and getting started without missing a beat.

And the great thing is:  You’re not stuck in some cubicle, freezing or sweating due to an uncomfortable temperature, and fighting others or asking permission for control of the thermostat. You have a home office. Feel the power! Simply press a button from your desk and feel the temp rise or fall to your preferred level.

Enjoy also the simple pleasure of touching a smart screen that raises the window shades and triggers your playlist without getting up from your desk. Tap another to stop the music while you join a conference call.

Is the doorbell ringing while you are deeply focused on a task? No worries. Tap your device and see who it is. And interact with them effectively from the safety of your smart home using the seamless video and audio feeds, and bleeding-edge control technologies that Smooth provides.

Taking control of your surroundings helps you better focus on the work before you. You may even find that you have more energy than before as you shut down for the day. Additionally, visualize an automated kitchenette in your home office that would help prevent distractions, enhancing your productivity and time management. Enjoy snacks, drinks, and fresh, hot coffee from a smart coffee maker to get your blood pumping at the exact right time. Do plants relieve your stress and refresh your energy? Consider putting in some self-watering plant pots that provide the benefits you relish without the burden of frequent maintenance.

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