There are a ton of ways that solutions from Smooth Automation will enhance your life. Here are just a few that augment bedroom living:

  • De-stress after a long day by pressing your “nighttime” ambience selection.  Watch as the lights dim to your preferred level, the smooth music streams through the hidden speakers, the motorized shades close for complete privacy and you relax in your own personal sanctuary.
  • Use a simple bedside keypad to monitor your children’s bedroom lighting and outlets.  Avoid crabby morning wake-ups by easily lighting their bedroom with a touch of the keypad for a more natural similation of a mornng sunrise.  Utilizing the same technology, you can flash the bedroom lights to give a 5-minute warning to shut down everything for bedtime.
  • Regardless of why you’re getting up at night, motion sensors and nuanced lighting in the right places prevent trips and falls, not to mention stubbed toes. This is one of many lifestyle enhancements that home automation provides: Making yours and your family’s lives safer. We also provide automated night lights illuminating hallways for your late-night bathroom trips, midnight snacks, or visits to the baby’s room.
  • Startled by a bump in the night?  With a quick press of the panic button, you can instantly turn on all of the household lights and have your cameras viewable via the television with your Video Distribution System.  When tied into your security system, the panic setting is triggered automatically for your added peace of mind.

For more questions about these and other automation ideas for your whole home, contact us today to schedule a consultation. We’re here to help homeowners throughout Greater Houston obtain the latest in a smart home lifestyle that delivers reduced stress, enhanced peace, comfort, safety, and leading-edge functionality from which you and your family will benefit for years to come.


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