• Easily adjust the volume of daylight in your home to save energy with a motorized shade system from Smooth Automation, while increasing your family’s comfort and protecting your home’s furniture from fading.  Automated drapery and shading reduce solar heat gain by either blocking sunlight entirely or using transparent shading to permit exactly the right amount of light needed in your kitchen, bathroom, or living room.  Control your energy costs without comprising style with thousands of window-treatment fabric and color options from which to choose.
  • Drapes, shades or blinds can be striking substitutions for covering windows.  Automated tracks or rollers, easily controlled via a Crestron touch-panel, provide jaw-dropping convenience and ensure that drapes are always placed correctly.  Crestron is an internationally renowned maker of the highest-quality smart home and automation system technology.  Smooth Automation is very proud to have Crestron as an official affiliate/partner.  The alliance ensures that Smooth’s clients are always given the most reliable and hassle-free automated home solutions in the world.
  • Take the automation of your home to the next level and have your motorized window treatments work in combination with your smart home lighting.  Smooth Automation can implement a system that coordinates the positions of with the intensity of the lights.  If you enjoy watching sports in a bright space, for example, touch a button on your control device and feel the power when your system opens the shades and ups the lighting to a predefined intensity.  Pretty cool, right?
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