At Smooth Automation LLC, we take our customer’s full experience seriously.  Our goal is to make your total home automation process as “smooth” as possible.  From conceptual ideas, to working with designers and builders, to the completed project, Smooth Automation will be with you every step of the way to ensure a pleasurable experience.

Our founder and CEO, Adam Jackson, started working in the home electronics industry in 1998.  Adam’s start was at a Circuit City in The Woodlands, where he spent several years learning the “ins & outs” of technology.

Later, Adam worked at Home Entertainment and then Tweeter as an “In-Home Specialist” before moving to Total Home Technologies as Vice President where he worked for 10 years managing the Greater Houston Area business and development.  Adam worked with numerous homeowners, builders, and designers while learning every aspect of the business.

In 2017, Adam broke away to develop his own smart-home and automation brand with Smooth Automation.  Adam firmly believes in the complete customer experience — the “Smooth” transition.

Adam’s life priorities are clear, with faith, family and business.  Adam’s family is comprised of a “cornucopia of children” made up of four kids ranging from grade school to college age, and his loving and supportive wife, who is also an educator. Adam says that she is the super glue that holds the family together and he is vastly grateful for her love and continued support.  Adam’s passions include music and classic cars.  In his free time, you’ll find Adam hanging out with his family or volunteering at his church making sure the lights, sound and technology are running smoothly up there as well.